Like any good success story, Icon Foods (Pty) Ltd began on a  farm. As an avid polo player, the founder of the company used to grow Teff for his string of polo ponies.  Much to his surprise, he met an Ethiopian who wanted to buy the Teff as “human food” – to make Injera, a type of flatbread. Only then did he realise that Teff is much more than horse fodder.

Guided by the Ethiopian’s expertise, he learnt about the best growing, harvesting, and stone milling practises for Teff. His initial experiments served the local market, before growing into an International Export Business. What started as a small factory, grew into a brand new, state of the art plant in 2016. In 2017, a second factory was built, boasting a world class milling plant. In 2018 Icon Foods International was launched as a new fully fledged global gluten-free grain and flour supplier. 


From the onset, we maintain close relations with our suppliers by supervising and managing crops from the day they are planted. Product quality is our top priority. Each delivery is subject to strict grading at our in-house laboratory. The luxury of having a fully fledged laboratory on site, improves both quality and turn-around time. As we can decide faster, we can deliver faster. Once the product is approved and received into our silo’s, we clean and stone mill by order. 


To supply the world with superior quality gluten-free products.

Source high quality Gluten-free Grains  from selected producers

Maintain world class production practices

Produce only the purest product

Operate in a environmentally responsible manner

Uphold ethical business and behaviour

Values: integrity | diligence | cooperation | brilliance


In a wholesome environment with plenty of sunlight and healthy soil, we grow the purest quality gluten-free grains – with no ecological harm.
Our products are free from external biological, physical and chemical properties.

We operate in an environmentally responsible manner.

We use no pesticides, and very little or no fertiliser. To control broad leaf weeds, we only use herbicides from reputable multi-nationals, such as Bayer.

To become an Icon Foods grower in South Africa contact +27 66 342 5952 or mail to agri@icon-foods.com



A trusted network of South-African grain growers, supplements our internal cultivation.
Together, we maintain a quality code that makes us an exporter of choice.



We use both proven, and modern technology to give you nutritious gluten-free flours.
With traditional stone mills and modern machinery, our products are milled to perfection in our state of the art facility.

Our products are trusted globally for its purity.



Bearing in mind the current state of the global climate, environmental awareness has become essential – no reputable business should be guilty of environmental harm. We take great comfort and pride in our operational protocol that ensures minimum impact and maximum output. Whilst we continue to supply to the global feeding needs, we want to ensure that generations to come can do so as well.



In line with our values, we understand the importance of merging indigenous knowledge with modern know-how. Built on the stone milling technique learnt from the Ethiopians, we supplement the process with modern equipment to produce only the finest flour. With our attention to detail, and a true passion for our products, you receive only the very best.